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CCDIY Fast Set Turbo

Grateful Glitters LLC

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CCDIY Fast Set Turbo
CCDIY Fast Set Turbo
CCDIY Fast Set Turbo

The Fastest Curing Epoxy Available.

Fast Set Turbo is CCDIY’s latest and greatest innovation in the epoxy industry! Featuring the FASTEST cure time on the market, Fast Set Turbo is the perfect final coat for your tumbler or other projects. With a full cure time of only 55 minutes, your projects will be completed in record time! Our formula is also extra resistant to yellowing and discoloration, which means your tumblers will last for years to come. 

Key Features:

  • Record-breaking cure time
  • Immediate bubble release
  • Low viscosity for smooth and quick mixing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Signature Counter Culture DIY Shine!

What you should know:

There are a few things to be aware of when working with Fast Set Turbo. This product is unlike any other and behaves differently than our other epoxy products.

Do NOT mix large quantities or overheat. This is important with all epoxy, and even more so with Fast Set Turbo.

We don’t recommend adding additives, such as liquid colorants.

Don’t cross-contaminate with other resins or hardeners.

Pop bubbles with a propane torch, not a heat gun, while careful not to reach its smoke point.

Store in a dry place, with lids tightly closed.

This product is sensitive to moisture. When applying over alcohol inks, paints, or other products, allow 24h for them to dry fully before applying Fast Set Turbo.


A few tips:

TURBO is completely different than our other resins and so there are some things you should remember.

  • Get rid of bubbles ASAP, if you apply resin to multiple cups and then go back to torch it may be too late. Apply & Torch.
  • TURBO cures so fast that it doesn’t have time to self-level as much as our other resins. If you’re able to apply it smoothly…great! If it looks a bit wavy it’s because it started curing before it fully self leveled so a final layer of Artist Resin is a good fix for that.
  • TURBO will repel if you apply a second coat outside of the curing window. It must have something to bond to or it can peel. So sand it or apply the next coat as soon as it’s dry.
  • ONE cup at a time. It starts getting warm within a minute and if it’s not on and spread out, you can have trouble.
  • It will DRY when exposed to air! Not cure…not crystallize…but DRY and it can happen pretty quick. So make sure to wipe off the tops of the bottles and replace the lids ASAP. Exposure to air will make it dry and little dried pieces can fall down into your bottle. Also be careful around machines with moving parts, if TURBO drips on them it will dry hard and could lock them up.

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