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Turner FAQs and Warranty Information

Q: The motors are hotter than turners I have used in the past, why?

A: Yes, our motors run a little hotter than other manufactures, but completely normal. The drive gears in our motors are metal, as compared to plastic in other motors. It is important to keep them in a well-ventilated area. They do over time get a little noisy, that’s all normal from wear and tear.


Q: Do you accept returns? 

A: We do not accept returns, as according to our general policy. We do stand behind our products. If you have a problem, please provide video/picture proof within 30 days of delivery so we can properly determine if there is a warranty issue that needs to be resolved. 


Q: What warranty do you offer on your turners? 


A: We currently offer a 30-day manufacture defect warranty on our turners. This is an industry standard warranty. This means if any part on your turner fails due to a manufacture defect, we will replace the turner parts, free of charge. 


Q: Are you able to repair any damages if something happens to my turner over time?

A: Yes. Customers are responsible for shipping cost to us if you would like us to repair any damages. Customers will also be responsible for any additional materials cost needed to repair any damages. We will do the repairs free of charge, and ship the item back to the customer, at our cost. Please contact us if something has gone wrong, and we will be happy to address the issue as quickly and smoothly as we can!!