Acrylic Paint - CCDIY RIck's Mix- 4oz bottle

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Rick’s Mix by Counter Culture DIY is an acrylic latex paint made to have excellent adherence on most surfaces including wood, composite, yupo, metal, ceramics and trims. You can use acrylic latex paint on exterior surfaces, masonry, fiberglass, furniture, canvas and siding. It has superior durability and adhesion, as well as having a faster drying time. Acrylic latex is resistant to peeling or cracking due to its flexible nature, and it is archival, meaning it resists yellowing! Rick’s Mix is an acrylic latex decorative coating that is non-toxic, water-based and very safe to use. This paint is highly pigmented and density tested for cell creation without silicone.

For best results: shake the bottle vigorously and let set for 5 minutes (this helps eliminate clumps or air bubbles).